ie7 browser bugs + jQuery slider bug

I’m working on this site and just noticed there’s a couple of bugs in my code with IE7 browsers.
1.The slider works fine in ie8, firefox, Safari and common browsers. It should show on mouse over a box with a title sliding from right to left with some text.
2. The background image over the Latest from the Portfolio and latest from the blog headlines should be 32pix height. but its stretching all the way down.

I think it is a css problem I haven’t been able to fix. What do you think?
Any help is appreciated.


fixed it… Thanks anyway:D

Could you tell us what was hte problem and how you fixed it? That way others can learn from this if they come across a simliar issue :).

Glad you got it sorted, and sorry we were slow, Mondays and Wednesdays are bad days for me, activity wise, due to my schedule.

Yes Sorry we missed you - I was away all day yesterday also - but glad you solved it anyway :slight_smile:

As Ryan said it would help if you can explain quickly what your solution was so that other members may benefit :slight_smile: