Image slider issue. I'm sure it's the CSS

Hi All,

Just finished 2 projects and I have an issue with the silder on both sites.

On this site you will notice the slider works perfect on the first passthrough. But on the second round when the images restarts the text from my right box goes to the left with it.

On the other site The first passthrough is fine but the second one this small black bar pops up on the left hand side on the second passthrough.

I’ve done these sliders a million times before but this one has got me baffled a tad. Any suggestions as to why this might be happening?

Figured out that the issue was not in the CSS it was the size of one of my images. I forgot to make it 630 as one image was 960. DOH!!!

They are working fine for me in Firefox. What browser(s) is this happening in?

EDIT: ah, I see you’ve fixed it. :slight_smile: