IE6 Standalone for Vista 64bit

Anyone know where I can get a copy of IE6 for Vista?

I have spent about 30 minutes looking for one that will work but all I can find is old articles. Perhaps I just suck at searching.

Many thanks,

like i say before HP QTP works on Internet Explorer… thats mean it can’t capture or record object from IETester ect. the point here is…

  1. i want to use IE6 on win7 64bit
  2. i don’t want to use VPC

is there possible to have IE6 for 64bit? if no. that is thank you…

thank you Guru both of you… :slight_smile: i don’t want to use virtual pc lets blame the software hehehe jokes
professional in CSS and PHP sure i want to learn more from you guys… next time

Well the easiest way is to download IEtesters to produce it :slight_smile:

PS-this is a thread from 2008. As such, a thread this long dead deserves a new thread if you have a question :slight_smile:

I don’t know exactly how HP QPT works, only that it’s quick performance tester, so excuse my ignorance, but IEtester is a program which allows you to view sites in IE6/7/8.

Cause I want to use the HP QTP to play back the pop windows and fail to do so, that’s y I am seeking for the professional advise to assist me on that.n as I understand that IEtester is like a debugger for the developer to do testing and it might not help in recording using HP QTP.

Run IE 6 in a way that will work for your software…highly unlikely. Would be less of a head ache if you just use a virtual machine.

is there IE6 built for 64 bit version… i currently use IE8 running on win7 64bit OS, but i need IE6 to be installed in my pc for doing QTP recording. there is several problem when using IE8 doing the recording because its can not capture the popup windows… so people said better use IE6 then can you tell me where to download it… and i don’t want to use VPCXP

Since Vista never had IE6 installed you can’t downgrade back to it.

If you install Virtual PC (free from Microsoft) then you could install the Windows XP/IE6 mage that is also free from Microsoft and use that to test in IE6.

Great, some more new stuff to learn. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the info. Am I going to regret getting Vista. I thought I waited long enough. Perhaps not.


You’ll only regret it if you leave it in its default configuration. (“Are you sure you want to do this?” “YES!!!”)

As for IE 6, there are two ways to do it. One is to grab the VPC image as Stephen said, the other is to go to and download IETester.

The advantage of the VPC versions is that they are completely separate and so can be used for testing the behaviour as well as the appearance of pages. With the alternative you only have the one copy of JScript installed and so older versions of IE may not behave the way they would on other computers. It all depends on what you need to test as to which solution is the better one since using IETester would be easier if it can provide the test results you want.

I don’t understand how to get IE-Tester to make IE7 render like IE6 would. Am I missing something here?


I have IE tester and the virtual pc… I use IE tester for local testing since I cant be bothered to work out how to do it with virtual-pc yet if it is even possible… I use virtual-pc for live testing(on the interweb) because apparently it is more accurate(being actual ie6 on actual xp).

As for making ie7 render like ie6, you shouldnt need ie tester, ie7 should work?

The thing to remember about IE is that half the browser is built into the operating system. The so called stand alone versions such as IETester can therefore only change the half of the browser that isn’t a part of the operating system and the browser will therefore usually display the page like the appropriate browser version displays it but any scripts attached to the page will still be run as the latest jScript version used by the base IE version that is installed into the OS.

The only complication with using virtual PC is that the program runs as if it were a separate computer on your network and so testing web pages stored outside of VPC requires that you either set up the folder where they are found as a virtual drive on the VPC or if you are running your own web server for testing then you can access the pages via the IP address of the real computer in place of the you would normally use.

Perhaps I should just say that all I am interested in is how IE6 renders a page. Since I can not load IE6 on a vista machine as a stand alone i am looking for alternatives. How I usually go about doing this is to make changes to the HTML or CSS, upload and see what it looks like in IE6 over the web. Currently I am working on a project that renders differently in IE6. IE7, FF, Safari all look fine. So I need something to that is FAST, not screen shot solutions.

Can I use VPC for this?

The quickest way to preview in your situation would be to run IE6 on a separate low-spec computer running XP or Win98 and have that networked to your main machine. Previewing would then be a click of the refresh button on the second machine.

Yes, this is what I was beginning to think. What a waste though. All of that just to test for IE6. How frustrating is that.

Installing Microsoft Virtual PC with the IE6/XP image basically gives you the equivalent of a second computer running IE6 on Win XP but without the need for an actual second computer. Simply start up the virtual PC and you are effectively running that second computer using your existing hardware plus it is much easier to swap backwards and forwards since your “second computer” is running in a window on your first computer.