Alternative to ieTester

Hi everyone,

I’m using Parallels Desktop for the Mac in order to test sites on PC browser versions. I have Windows Vista installed so I can only test in Internet Explorer 7 or 8.

I also have ieTester installed but I’ve found that this throws up a whole heap of javascript errors which aren’t there in the full browser so I can’t accurately test in IE6 in that program. I know there’s another alternative at the following address: but this only works with Windows XP. So in order to test in IE6 I’ve run out of options so wondered if anyone knows of another alternative to test in this browser?

Appreciate any advice.

The best option is to perform an install of Windows 98 (on Parallels or VirtualPC) so that you have a native-version of IE6 to play with.

This is actually the solution to the opposite problem to what you are having, testing Mac browsers with a PC by going to the site: (Browsrcamp allows you to test the compatibility of your design with Mac OS X browsers).

I posted this here, because I am sure there must be a site with the reverse solution available. Have you tried doing a search to see if there is such a site?

May be worth a try.

not sure if parallels offers it, but my mac testing environment uses VM ware and i have 3 images of win XP with each IE installed on it, so 1 for 6, 1 for 7 and 1 for 8… i also have win Firefox, win safari and win chrome installed on the IE8 image… makes testing a piece of cake… plus you can IE install developer tools for each browser :slight_smile:

I would use VM-Ware Fusion / Bootcamp / Parallels with Windows XP on the system as well. The problem with IETester on Mac is due to the way it emulates the application, unfortunately there’s no way around that which I’m aware of. However you could try the browser installer package in emulation (it downloads a pre-packaged version of web browsers that’s self contained, so it may work) - but the actual browser on an actual OS is better. :slight_smile: