ie6 png fix


Could anyone please tell me how to fix the white/gray part that shows around the png image when it is displayed in ie6?

I think it is a common issue with ie6 that it does not show pngs well. What solution does developers use?


I can see what you mean. I use transparent images too, mostly for round corners, so that they can be fitted anywhere on the site page/s. I’ll try to be more careful now.



I usually use this script if I have to cater for a lot of pngs. If it’s only a couple of images then I use the [URL=“”]alpha image loader instead where possible.

Or if you have the right software then save it as an 8 bit png with alpha transparency.

I don’t believe you can do it in photoshop (but I’m not a photoshop expert).

The quality will depend on the images but no it won’t be as good as png32. Perhaps the best solution would be for you to use the pngfix script and then you can more or less forget about it once you’ve installed it.

You should avoid using too many transparent png32 images as their filesize is much larger than normal images. Transparency is a pain and it’s best to make sure that designs have as little of it as possible. Designers love to throw transparent images over multiple gradient backgrounds but that’s not good for the web :slight_smile:

Thanx for the links.

If I go for the third solution, can we save the image as 8 bit png with alpha transparency in photoshop cs3 etc. ?
I know you have mentioned in the article that it can only be done with fireworks. But can it be done with new versions of photoshop too?
Also, will it show fine gradients as good as png32?