IE 6 Standalone program problem with PNG fixes

Hey guys:

I’m using the iepngfix_tilebg.js fix for PNGs. Apparently, it’s great in IE 6 from IETester, but in IE6: it actually hangs. 20 items remaining or something appearas on the status and the loading bar is just hanging there and half of the images are gone. Any solutions?

Do you have a link we can look at and check out ?

Nah, don’t think I’m allowed to do that.

Did you include the 1px blank image that the pngix needs ?

Yes. I got those in. Not sure what’s going on since I took out the body of my home.html page and the header and footer seem to hold. I got a new background for the 2nd menu, so there will be more PNGs. I’ll try it again and see if it’s the header and footer that are the issues.

Would it be possible to use image recombination and per-compositing to get rid of the fat bloated problematic alpha transparency .png’s? IMHO if you are still designing for 6, you shouldn’t be doing anything that needs alpha transparency in the first place.

Though really, if we can’t see what you are doing, we’re all basically guessing wildly in the dark.

If possible just take a mockup version of the page (dummy text if you will) but with the same method of your png fix (and png images of course) and just post a link to that dummy page :). No rule could be broken then.

FWIW - here’s another way of fixing IE 6 to work with PNG alpha transparency:
alpha transparency in IE6 without using an extra image.

Cordially, David.