Icon instead of contextual dropdown text

How can i make a icon, when clicked to show up menu/ Same as SP menu, when you click the line icons, it open menu. Is it something that can be done in css or java script?

That’s basically a hamburger menu, with a different icon :slight_smile: .

There are CSS versions of it, but there are also jQuery aided ones as well, easily found via Google.

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Yes, there are but the problem is, i am using wordpress and i don’t know how to make the hamburger click to open the menu.

It depends on how that wordpress theme decided to implement it; or are you saying there is no hamburger menu at all?

also are you using wordpress.org or wordpress.com. That will also make a difference.

Wordpress.org I have my own theme

@RyanReese I want to show it on desktop version, of course the hamburger in mobile.

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