I want to understand


I want to understand something maybe easy for developers, but not for designers, n fact, the ( variable ) how you can explain me to understand good how can I use it ? I’m writing some simple actionscript codes, but I like to learn more and more, and I hope someone will be able to explain SIMPLY the role of variable in the flash.

Thanks in advance.

thanks ranten, I will check the file and get back to you.

Nice job Ranten, really I’m happy to see and test your Quiz flash script, I have to learn it slowly, and in case I have a question, I will ask you. thanks again.


Attached is a tutorial that I had written long back.

It was written for Flash 5…but the principles are still valid.

Attached is a zip file…contains a pdf and the fla.

Hope that helps


I know it’s now easy to replay to my post , because it’s general, but think I want to user a variable called ( bird ), Iknow that we write :

var bird;

but how we do to assign this variable to a clip for example, or it’s not possible ?