I want to know, how can i promote my website for children?

I have a website on plush, i want to know how can i promote my website to children. It’s more complicated than adults i think.

I’m curious why you think so.
What methods of website promotion don’t work when the target audience is children, vs promoting a site for adults?

I think, i don’t have the good method, i need to work on my competences.

Are you selling items which are at “pocket money” prices? In other words, items which children might reasonably be expected to purchase for themselves? Or are you selling items which you would expect parents to buy for their children? If the latter, then promoting the website to children would seem to be at best a waste of effort and at worst unethical.

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first of all make your social presence on internet. Make accounts on facebook, instagram , twitter, etc so that you can have yous social presence. After that you can run brand awarness ads on social media to make you brand known or popular among people

The OP is asking about promoting a site to children. Most social media sites, including those you’ve named, do not permit anyone under the age of thirteen to create an account.

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