Needed help from SEO experts for Kids Educational Gaming website

Hi all,
I’m a normal level SEO and i have been given an kids gaming website(12 yrs old) to promote. They have not promoted their website till now. And i need to do pure white hat SEO for this website because of the Brand name they have earned until now. There are already many users(kids and their parents) who uses this website as one of their favorite sites. So please suggest me a good SEO techniques to promote this website. No usual level bookmarking, directory sub, article etc. I have noted few aspects like unwanted PR juice flow and adding up twitter, facebook button in each game etc. But tell me how to bring the parents and their kids to our website. <snip/>

Thanks in advance

Website is

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It is not whitehat, but your site will not be punished as I know what Im doing

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your thread shows only this page. See even i know different techniques to bring traffic to the website. But bringing kids to a website is bit difficult task. Becuase neither they use facebook nor twitter, i mean like social networking websites. I dont need anyone. My users are just toddlers, pre-schoolers and til 7th grade kids. How to bring them to my website?

I would recommend you join in Parents, Kids and Games forums which can bring your website exposed to the targeted niche. If you know how to use social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon reddit diigo, you can benefit from them too.

You don’t, you bring their parents to the site and they bring their kids.