I want to creat PayPal account?

I am a bangladeshi. PayPal is not working on Bangladesh just now. But most of online site related to PayPal for payment. And without having a PayPal account I can not join that site.
I have skrill Moneybookers and alertpay account.
Now my question is, can I create a Verified PayPal account from Bangladesh? Is it is possible create account, but how I will withdraw money from PayPal to my country?
Please help with details how can I create a verified PayPal account and How can I withdraw money from PayPal to our country?

From a quick web search it does not appear that PayPal supports Bangladesh at this time thus you would not be able to use their services unless you had a legitimate business established in another country where they do operate… even then you’d want to double check with them to be sure your IP address / work location did not lead to your account being closed.

Unfortunately even trying to open a PP account in another country will not work well for you. PayPal requires personal verification on even business accounts, so you would be unable to meet the requirements. There are people out there “selling” PayPal accounts but don’t fall for it! The accounts will not work long and was posted by another, PayPal will ban you by IP; you can’t use proxies either as PP will to strange stuff like require you to accept a “token” or PIN number over the phone each time you try to access your account.

Unless and until PayPal opens up for your country, you are pretty much out of the PayPal loop.