Looking for lang translator PHP

is there any language translator scripts available? I tried searching google and all i got are deprecated & not working APIs, anyone knows anything that does works?


I’m not sure you have already looked at this one:

Thanks thought this script has no support for my language (hebrew)

Also i’d preffer if it was possible to translate only parts of the webpage and not all of it (like using a function and calling it where i need)

You could use Google Translate API for that but now it is a paid service. Here is the link:

and there is nothing else that is free of charge?

Goddammit! When did this happen?.. I was going to rely on this in the future.

Surprisingly Microsoft’s translation API is free for small translations upto 2M chars/month (approx 300 000 words) - which isn’t much but their paid plans are half the price of googles https://datamarket.azure.com/dataset/1899a118-d202-492c-aa16-ba21c33c06cb

I couldn’t source any other free APIs.