I need two blogs to display on one page

using wordpress or some other blog tool - need two blogs on one page.

each with a separate log in and spot for individual commentary.

does anyone know how i can do that?

thanks for any help

or another way to put it:

one blog, but two separate authors (each with their own login) that write articles (including commentary etc) that show up next to each other

Yeah, that’s pretty simple. I’m not sure how to do that with WordPress but you could do that in Drupal several ways. Probably the easiest by using the built in Blog module which gives each user the capability to write their own blog. By default if you set Blog content to post to the front page (does this by default) both author’s content will show up in a list.

To take that a step further you could use the Views module to create a block of content for each author and then place those blocks in separate regions.

That’s just the description in broad strokes but it sort of covers the basics of how it works… There is probably something similar in WordPress too.

thanks for the info. i may try that, if i cant figure out how to do it in wordpress

any wordpress gurus want to weigh in on this one?

You can create a special page that uses frames. You will then load the two blogs on each frame.

Is that how you want it to be?