Is it really not possible to have two pages for posts?

From what I can see I gather that it is not possible to have two blog pages in one WP site.

I am trying to set up a site for a poet who wants to post poems and more standard blog posts. I would like to keep them seperate so, one Blog and a page for poems but she wants to post them all in the same way.

Can’t I have a loop on one page that excludes a category (poem) and a loop on another page that excludes everything (blog) except the poetry?

If that’s possible, any chance of a few pointers so that I can push on a bit?

Many thanks


Sure you can. Create a page for each type of category you want to show posts for. Create a template to show only posts from those categories and tell the page to use that particular template.

Some examples in WP’s docs:

Oh Gosh!

thanks for that. I think I might be more than half way there1

What I did was to copy category.php into my child theme. and made a category-poem.php and a category-blog.php. I then just cut n’ paste the loop into the page and Wordpress seems to take care of everything else!

Am I on the right lines?

Thanks again


yep! I assume you did the exclude parts as you said in #1?

This helps me allot. Category’s or PAGES can be used to display extra posts then you can create more then one page for posts. Post multiple posts on a page and bingo bango you got more room.

It has helped me too.

This was going round and round in my head for months even though it seems a realtively simple thing.


I guess I’m too late to answer this now :slight_smile: