I need a Wordpress theme that looks like this website


I need a wordpress theme that looks a lot like this website:

Thanks guys.

the website is so simple, you can customize any theme like that URL.

even you can create a site which looks better than that website.

for free WordPress themes search here:-

It’s not simple for a naive guy. Proper Wordpress knowledge is required to create a theme similar to that type of website.

Maybe so, but with

2,897 themes

It seems the chances are good that something at least very similar could be found, the only cost being the time spent looking for it.

Thank you for your responses.

I’ve been looking at many wp theme samples, but couldn’t find any and I’m willing to buy premium theme that looks like this. Simply couldn’t find any.
What I actually need is this kind of MENU.

Are you sure? IMHO that menu is a bit too quirky. eg. say “D” has 1-6 as subs

A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
E 6

If I’m over D and want to go to 1 unless I first move to 4 and then up to 1 the list of subs changes to C’s subs, Maybe some move their mouse always in right angles and not diagonally, but I’m not one of them.

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I check this site constantly, but I am not able to trace this theme, Also this site not using Wp CMS platform. To create same as it is this theme you have to customized this theme by yourself.

Yeah… I’d need a theme that looks like this and has this type of MENU. I’m willing to pay for it of course…

How would I customize this menu…?

I akm not quite sure what you are exactly looking for but if it’s a vertical menu that you are looking for, have a look at these themes:

Some wordpress themes allow to edit/change colors. If not, you can always do this with some CSS knowledge.

Well I’m looking exactly for the theme that has menu that goes over slides-… Just like the website above.

Okay, forget the vertical menu, I need a website that looks like this. Thanks :smile:

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