I need ffmpeg hosting. do you offer a company?

i have a video website and serving video files on 2 servers. i need a convert server. its just convert via ffmpeg and send files that 2 servers. nearly 100 files will convert on that server in a day (avg. video file size 300-400MB). pls give me an opinion about server requirements and offer a hosting company.

Something like this may work for you: http://vexxhost.com/ffmpeg-web-hosting.htm
Although I think you may need to look into a VPS solution if your conversions start to use a lot of processing power.

Do you need to use servers yourself? Are you constantly going to be adding videos? Could something like Youtube / Vimeo work fro you instead?

thx, i will look at it



we cant use a site like that. we will add watermark, change quality etc. so we cant use a site like that.

Ok, fair enough. You’d probably be better looking at an actual dedicated or virtual server or some form rather than a specific host - that way you get to control the software yourself (and you can then install / update ffmpeg).