Music site

Hi all. I have been asked by my friend who creates music beats for a living to help him to setup a new website in which the will promote their music (the team) and also sell their beats on.

I have experience in basic coding and learning more HTML and CSS coding as well to enable me to do what he wants for the site.

My main question is what type of hosting should I go for and how do I go about in making a online shop for my friends team to sell their beats on.

They want to be able to put sample clips of music Which are one buys only and paypal will be the main source of being abled to pay.

I was looking at the fasthosts buiness package but is this ideal or are there better hosting places for this kind of thing?

The hosting is a secondary consideration really.
From a purely sales perspective, they might consider selling on third party sites with a ready made audience e.g audiojungle (aimed mostly at web/video producers looking for audio) or the likes of beatport/traxsource (dj’s)
Any cart with an integrated digital download capability will do to sell on their own site. They shouldn’t need expensive hosting unless they already have a high profile that will attract a lot of traffic and hence consume a lot of bandwidth.

Any suggestions on the cart with integrated digital download capability? In this case I guess a normal personal hosting package would suffice?

I believe hotscripts is the best source for various web applications should be. Chechk everything there.

I think a shared hosting plan is great if he or she is just starting out. Once you grow at a rapid pace, look for a VPS. Playing samples of the music files could be tricky bandwidth wise so choose a host who fits your bandwidth needs in that aspect.

You can think for video streaming site too, can choose ffmpeg hosting.

Yes FFMPEG hosting should be good for you, Best is go for VPS or dedicated server.

To the original poster Eddieboi, you have no need whatsoever for ffmpeg for a music site. It’s software for converting uploaded videos and isn’t relevant.

(you’d think a company that boasts it’s the ‘uk’s best hosting company’ would actually know about…erm…hosting :confused:)

you can go for vps server

Ok thanks all. I’ll let you all know how this project gets on

Hi all, I have been doing a bit more research for my friend and would like your opinions.

1# I Have been looking about for a ecart that will allow digital downloads, after some talking with my friend and a meeting between him and his co-producer etc they have decided the best way to sell their beats is by digital download instead of people buying then the beat being sent off on CD etc.

So I have been looking for a open source ecart and Zencart seems to be ideal. Is there anyone here who uses Zencart for digital downloads, how easy is it to use, is it ideal for this type of feature and is it easy to implement into your own web design?

2# Web hosting wise, I was looking on the Zencart certified hosts, does anyone use them? Should my friend opt to go with one of them so that we can ensure Zencart runs well etc, benefits of doing this?

One main concern is having enough storage to upload & store the digital downloads and bandwidth so that the site does not slow down etc.

3# Merchant payment services, is there a particular one that is well suited for what my friend is trying to do, or would we be ok using Paypal express etc or does Zencart provide help in regards to this area in terms of multiple payment options?

Sorry Im not every knowledgeable in this area hence why I am asking.