I Need A Website Topic (Don't mention blogs)

Would anyone recommend an easy-to-code website topic (I don’t like blogs so don’t mention them)?
Like a website for books? Games? Videos? Etc… what would I do?

I just can’t find a @!#$%ing topic (I have switched topics 15 times but can’t find the right one for me).

Make one easy to code using


People usually start a website on a topic that interests them. What are your interests?

My interest is tutorials simple tools built-in for users to use Fun and Games.

I created a vanilla JavaScript that uses Fetch(aJax) and PHP. I can even add/edit/delete questions from the database table. I am still updating the game even to this day. I am not promoting my website and it’s free anyways, but heres a link - https://www.miniaturephotographer.com/game.php

I also have a GitHub repository on it → https://github.com/Strider64/Miniature01282021

That’s a link to your localhost @Pepster64 :wink:

I only want to use ’




Thanks Gandalf…I just got back from exercising and was a little tired. :grin:

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I always recommend to people to build a personal portfolio website for themselves. It is a great way to practice the craft while also building your brand. You can then make it as simple or complex as you want and show off what you can do for potential employers. You can even start simple, get it up and running and then add on as you learn more. Add react, put in node, build it on your favorite platform or use the latest tools. Connect it to the cloud for assets, make it serve well with a CDN. The sky is the limit!

When you are all done, then you have something to throw on a resume and show off and be proud of. :slight_smile:

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@Codeman: why do you need a website? Is this for a school project or something? (There’s nothing wrong with that; I’m just trying to understand your requirements.)

Most people, I’d guess, start from having a business, leisure group or project and build the website from there, because they need it, rather than wanting a website and then looking for a subject. upsidedown

The coding of the site can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it, but you also need to be able to provide enough content for your project. Unless you propose to pay a content writer, then as @Gandalf says, you need to pick a subject you are interested in and know something about.

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For my coding school

OK. What are the requirements of the assignment?

to build a website that people might need, for example, a shopping website, a website that has apps that everyone can just access from the website like discord, Facebook, Twitter, etc…, and a blog :frowning_face: (I don’t like them) I’m thinking on a website that has apps.

Many years ago I began answering questions in forums. I thought that some of the responses were useful enough that I began storing them in a website. So I now have a website that is sometimes useful to others. So far it is simple in the sense of mostly HTML. I won’t post a link because the moderators here consider that to be spam.

As for blogs, I consider that to be a bad term. A blog is a web log. I really do not like it that people are now using the term as being synonymous with article.

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I Found a topic

I often see something funny that sparks my imagination and think it would be fun to do a one-page site just on that. Like a company that sells sofas, called Sofa King, because they are sofa king comfortable etc. (Note: I checked, and that’s already been done!) But then there are tyres (so many puns could be made around those, if that’s in your wheel house — ha!) etc.


Good to see you @ralphm :wave:


I’m creating a portfolio website now thanks evreyone!

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