Programmer needs to build a website!

Hi all,

I am a web developer, and my skill set is very much in the area of programming - I write allot of Java, PHP and JavaScript as a freelancer. The time has come where I need my own website to promote my career and also share my scripts and ideas.

The reason I am posting is that although I can write standards compliant XHTML and CSS, and I am no web / graphic designer - I have no inspiration whatsoever!: goof:

Since the folks at site point are always so helpful, I was wonder if anyone could give me a few options / inspiration on the subject. I want something clean and minimalist yet professional.

Any ideas please throw my way!:cool:

There are lots of very pretty WordPress themes out there, a lot that are meant for people in your situation to display their services. With your programming background, you would easily be able to modify the designs to suit your requirements, so I’d suggest starting there.

Otherwise, find sites that you like and draw inspiration from them.

Thanks Ralph, ill take a gander at the wordpress themes, and have a look around other peoples sites :slight_smile:

I would say the Wordpress would be a good idea as well. They’re cookie cutter, but still much better than many developer-esque sites.

Remember, you’re not advertising yourself as a web designer, because as you have self-admitted, you’re a better developer than designer. So you’ll need to showcase functional demos of what you can do for a portfolio.

Drupal might be an even better solution for you. The format will be more website-like than blog-like and you might fall in love with the way it is coded. :slight_smile:

These are some great suggestions guys, im checking out wordpress and drupal now !:slight_smile: