I need a special interactive map

Some friends of mine are coming to Vienna this Summer, and I’d like to design for them a map showing the most famous places, monuments, and so on.

I wonder if I’ll upload the map in my website… By one hand it will be easier to add tooltips, zoom, etc, with the web resources: CSS, JavaScript. jQuery… By the other hand, they will be walking across the city and will need to view the map without internet connection. So, maybe they could better use a map for Windows, or Mac. I’m a total newbie on maps! :blush:

What do you recommend? Thanks in advance.

I would recommend using Google’s already streamlined system - http://support.google.com/maps/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=62843

Thank you, I’ll try! :slight_smile:

Woah, it looks great! :eek: :slight_smile: