Does anyone know of a map plugin or Google map widget or something like this:

where you can list the areas you serve? Something that could be installed on a web page AND look good. Thanks so much!

Check out Google My Maps:

It lets you create custom maps and save them, then gives you embed code for them. It let’s you put pins and stuff where you want.

Cool. Thanks Samanime! So I can add it right to a page and size it and everything?

Meant to ask…so user / client can login to Google and change anything and it will automatically pick up and update the changes on the site page w/o changing code like Google Calendar?

Correct on both regards.

You just set up the account (if you’re giving it to a client, I would make them a new account). You go in and make the map, then they give you some embed code (which you can then modify to adjust things like the height) and it links to your custom map, so if you make changes in your account, it updates automatically.

Awesome. Thanks so much!