I know html/css but what now

Hey guys!
I learnt html/css and i want to become better at it i was thinking of starting by trying to code a duplication of these kind of templates but my concern is that it may not provide me with a good enough experince any suggestions?

Well, if you have learned HTML and CSS, then a very good
practice for your skills would be to try and answer all the posts
in the “HTML & CSS” forum here at “Sitepoint”. :sunglasses:


Thanks Coothead Ill try that :slight_smile: should be interesting how many i get right

H there ryfizzle,

getting it right is not the main issue, as one learns from one’s mistakes. :smiley:

“Sitepoint” has quite a few coding gurus to help you on your way.:ok:


Continue learning CSS/HTML and start looking at Javascript. There is a BIG difference in knowing CSS and knowing CSS=)

Definitely look at JS. Keep trying things with HTML/CSS too though, even if just sections of something - create a Codepen, ask for feedback.

If you have learned HTML/CSS and can work comfortably, then you can easily go for HTML5, Javascript or JQuery. You can also go for BootStrap CSS, it is quite easy to use and learn.

It is the link for Bootstrap CSS complete tutorial.
Good Luck

Javascript or JQuery would be the next step as they are the most popular/relevant. Since you have some coding background, w3schools is a great way to test your knowledge of the language and to try new scripts.

only the history though as far as JavaScript is concerned - while there have been recent improvements a lot of the JavaScript section deals with how to write JavaScript for Netscape 4 and earlier browsers.

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