I want to learn CSS

I don’t know if your doing that or not here but …
I already learned HTML but I don’t have a good not boring site or videos to learn CSS from .
so if you do please let me know any .


Css is as simple as html, but do u know the difference?

And i will suggest u learn sass and scss instead of css, it is more dynamic and easier to use it resolves the problem of repeating in css.

SitePoint Premium has a wide range of books and courses on CSS. I’m sure you’d find something there that you enjoy.

This is very poor advice, akin to suggesting that one
should learn how to run before learning how to walk. :unhappy:



there are numerous sites available from where you can learn CSS… but i recommend you w3schools … i think the best for beginners…

This is also very poor advice. :unhappy:

So let us just see what…


…will turn up for the uninformed. :flushed:


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Thanks guys

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