I just read "The usage of Artificial Intelligence in the sitepoint community" so here is my opinion on that

I am new member of this community. Was reading my first topic, which was closed in couldn’t reply there so I thought I should speak my mind about it. So decided to open it as new topic.
I just read “The usage of Artificial Intelligence in the sitepoint community” ChatGPT and other AI tools are to help people, perhaps i don’t admire the use of them and really respect the decisions taken by experts. However, I also have a different opinion on it, I hope you won’t mind listening to me. In some cases AI tools are beneficial to improve writing skills and quality, and help to enhance a person’s writing skills, vocabulary, or structure. We can have some quick research on the required topic. This is not necessary as all Al generated researches and answers are of poor quality or irrelevant. This is also very important to have knowledge just not to only rely on AI. As far as I am concerned we all need to learn how to give a clear and specific input. It’s just my opinion, Have a good day everyone!!

I don’t disagree with what you say, but that wasn’t the point of the topic.

The topic wasn’t about the pros and cons of Ai. It was stating that if you post an AI-generated response to someone’s question it will most likely be deleted by the moderators, just as plagiarised replies will be.

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Yeah I know and totally agree with you that some people who only ask a question to AI and post on topic are marked as plagiarized replies but fact is AI replies shouldn’t be treated as such. With due respect my point is if the user is transparent and acknowledges how to gain information on some certain topic and who to write in his own words. You never know you can have a different perspective on the topic or you can find a different way to explain a topic.

Except it’s not that user’s perspective, or the user explaining anything.

It’s that user, taking a block of text, dumping it into a text box on a forum, and hitting “Reply”.

Yes, the tool can help. But more often than not, it’s misused. It’s not someone thoughtfully going over what they think about a piece of code, it’s just “ChatGPT said this, here.” without looking at it or checking it or even having the vaguest notion of what they’re pasting, its just “internet points make me happy”.

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I agreed all users are not using AI tools by the same standards. Some idiots are misusing such apps as you mentioned in your post. They just search, copy and paste without reading or having interest in what they are doing. I agree that the step admin took is fine to prevent such blunders but all are not equal. Some users use such tools to give more accurate and relevant replies and to enhance their skills. Many thanks for all your response and to clear my doubts about the decision the admin took here. I wish such lazy or ignorant people could know the value of a thread or such kind of programs.

Using AI to generate answers to a forum question is leading the idea of a forum ad absurdum.

Forums were build to exchange knowledge between people who have different stages of knowledge. If now an computer is used to create answers this has nothing to do with the idea of a forum.


Thank you for sharing your opinion. I respect your point of view, but AI is not a replacement for human knowledge but a tool that can enhance it. Removing AI from forums is absloutley a good decision because AI is more complex and dynamic than that. Forums are built to exchange knowledge, and I agree that this is an important purpose. However, another fact is that forums are also built to foster innovations, collaboration, and to engage people. As long as AI is transparent, respectful and ethical, I believe humans can achieve these goals with the help of AI.

This is definitely not the case today. Today AI is not able to create anything new. It is only able to repeat already stored data.


I ask many questions and speak all my mind here the conclusion is that although AI is massive, quick and unique but yeah it uses stored data from all over the world on internet, it is a fact for now but as AI getting better and learning through human behavior it has potential to do something in future. Personally I am impressed by AI so asked so many questions and started this topic. As you all share your thoughts that clear many doubts and answer all my queries. It was first topic I started here and i am very happy to be here as a part of it. It would be a great platform to learn so much and to increase my level of thinking’s. Thanks guys!!

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How can we effectively address the issue of inconsistent AI responses within the community while preserving the value of human expertise and knowledge in our discussions.?

Good point buddy…!! I think the best way to get rid of inconsistent AI responses is "Clear guidelines and ability to improve and learn more and more.