I have heavily modified a woocommerce site, and realized it wont look appropriate on mobile... need advice

So it appears that the plugins both free and purchased altered the main theme (Flatsome), however the main css changes are on the Child theme. So I have a dilemma that I hope someone can help me with. I basically just want a stripped down site for mobile online. Literally just blacks and white, no color other than images of products. I like the original theme colors, I just dont need all the plugins running on that one, such as drop down menus, sliders, stuff like that. Any advice? I installed a plugin that detects screen size and user agent and will change the theme based on computer vs tablet vs mobile. Need to work with it. It asks for the theme to default to and I have the main theme, but like I said the main theme was altered by several of the plugins. Should I just find a new theme to work with?

Am I going about this wrong? Suggestions ARE VERY WELCOME!!! Thank you!

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