I cant install xampp software in my laptop win7 32bit


so i will share my screenshot where problem occurred and how ? How and why ans expecting from you!!!
first i cant start apache option in xampp software. but mySQL is on when i click but not Apache.. please look those screenshot and pleas help me to solved this case.


First thing first: temporarily disable your firewall. You can re-enable it later, ensuring you are not blocking ports 80, 443, (Apache web server) or 3306 (MySQL).

You installed XAMPP outside of your Program Files folder, which is good.

Did you run XAMPP as administrator? In the Start Menu or on your desktop icon, right click on Xampp Control Panel and select "Run as administrator". XAMPP prefers to run with administrator privileges.

I am running XAMPP on Windows 7 64-bit. It looks like XAMPP should run fine on 32 bit.

Post your Apache error log. Hit the "logs" button and look at the error log to see if you can find out why Apache will not start. It may be something simple.

I will check back in 8 - 10 hours after I wake up and read the news. smile


i stopped my firewall but no result . also run as administrator.... please see my attachment and give me instruction ....


Try disabling User Account Control (part of Windows) as it may be interfering with how XAMP loads up


How can i disabling user account control ? How ?


I am not familiar with your drive setup. Do you have a C: drive? If so, is there a reason you installed it on D:? A quick search shows a few complaints of XAMPP not working when installed on a D: partition (and some say it does work). D: partitions are often reserved for backup files. Did you examine the Apache error log as I mentioned last night? Why don't you post the error log here so we can see it. Obscure any sensitive info if you need to.

Take a look at this for disabling User Account Control


Not running as administrator (which you say you are doing now) and having another program listening on port 80 are common causes for XAMPP not loading properly. In your XAMPP control panel on the Apache line, click the "Logs" button and select the error log and post it here. Also, you could try not only disabling your firewall, but your anti-virus software temporarily as well.

We can find out more if you post your error log.


yeah i am trying to folllow your instruction wait, i will known u tomorrow , but it seems too complicated..


suppose i am trying to follow your links its too complicated


and I am using broadband internet , i am not sure about port 80? How can i get it


In your picture:


See the "Logs" button on the right of the Apache row? Click that button, select Apache (error.log), and we can see what kind of errors Apache is throwing. Did you move the htdocs folder or many any other change to the configuration files?


If you think this is complicated try compiling a lamp stack from source on a windows machine then you will know the true struggle :/

You could try reinstalling xampp and see if the problem fixes itself. I ran into issues the last time I installed xampp but a reinstall did the trick.


i have idea ... we can use team viewer then u can solved my problem


its last message after reinstall..Xampp


ITs blank notepad.


I am waiting for your reply ...still its not working ..


I have been busy.

If you type into your browser's address bar, do you get anything or just an error message?

If you installed XAMPP on your main hard drive, disabled your firewall software from interfering with communications (including the built-in Windows Firewall), and allowed XAMPP to run as administrator, it should work unless you made changes to the configuration files. The only other possibility I can think of is that there is another programming listening on port 80 and that is preventing Apache from binding on that port and causing it to shutdown immediately.

Let's look at what programs are listening on your ports and see if anything is listening on port 80. Go to your command line program. In Windows, you can go to Start Menu and in the search box type "cmd". Or you can go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt. When you get your Command Prompt opened, type this command in it:

netstat -aon

That will list all active programs listening for connections and the ports they are listening on. Near the top of the output, look for something like this in the Local Address column:

If you see that line with the State column showing LISTENING, you already have a program listening on that port. If you do not see it, that is good because that cannot be the cause of your problem.

Other than a program already listening on port 80, I am out of ideas. I think that when XAMPP is setup you can choose to install Apache as a service. If you did that (and I do not know if you did), it would mean that Apache is already running as a service. If Apache is already installed as a service, it would show in the Services section of the Administrative Tools area of the Control Panel.

I am out of ideas. If that doesn't help, then try downloading XAMPP again and reinstalling to another folder on your main hard drive.


Try re-installing it at C:\


why struggling with the XAMP with windiws os. just try WAMP server and get everything fixed. though WAMP server has many relevant features of the XAMP server.

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