I am seo i am interested in google adwords it is useful for side income?

i am seo beginner i am planning to start google adwords for my personal side income it is useful for me? and which type of website i choose ? how much we earn per month ? anyone suggest thank you in advance

Hi logaseo,

Earnings will depend on your niche. Advertisers will may more or less depending on how much competition / lead value there is for that niche.
how much traffic you get
Placement of your ads
How web savvy your users are (Less savvy users click on ads more foten)

My niche is Spanish Property at the moment I am getting 500 visits a month and earning around 3 euros per month…

The eCPM (earnings per 1000) combined with your site visits.

Say you have a good niche that earns 5 euros per 1000 and you get 10000 visitors per day, you could be getting 50 Euros per day…not bad and not unachieveable.

As you are new I would suggest you first pass some time to gather knowledge about adwords and how to run a successful adwords campaign.As it is a matter of investment take some time the go for it.

Select the topic which your are interested and in which you can write more about the topic.

you have drive traffic. if you drive traffic only you get clicks in add .

minimum 500 visitors per day.