The top portion of div containing hypertext not "clickable"

Beneath where it says GALLERY LIST in big letters there are the links. The first 11 rows of smaller links do not show a finger pointing when hovering(non-clickable). The rest of the links down the page work, however.

Any suggestions on why these links are underlined but not hyperlinked?

The problem is that the following div (.fourpics) is sitting over the top of those links. If you aren’t going to use that div (its contents are currently hidden) then just get rid of it. The links will also work if you just get rid of the line in red (galleries.html, line 170):

div.fourpics {
  border: 0 none;
  height: 245px;
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;
  [COLOR="#FF0000"]position: relative;
[/COLOR]  top: 0;
  width: 728px;

Thanks, Ralph. That solves it. I created this problem a week ago when correcting the fourpics div which had the same problem(links not working). I noticed recently that my “solution” had transfered the problem to those links div (.fourpics) was on top of.

Now everything seems to be ok link-wise.

Great. Glad that helped. Feel free to ask any more questions. :slight_smile: