Hy first day of web creating lessons :)

i whant to start and learn creating web pages like a pro, and i specify “” like a pro"" and i mean the right way, ther is no hurry for me to learn, got lots of time, and i have lots of patience,
the question is : what you recomand me to start with,
i like the old way, by Book, but tutorials do to,
what is the difference between Java programing, and javascript programing, Css,and jquarry,you can add more,
And the most important question, How did you start your programing ?
thank you and i hope i`m not a pain for you,
i just join the forum, and i whana take part to Community, but i feel like asking
Sorry for my bad english

Hi @lazarescugeorgica welcome to the forums. I like your enthusiasm!

The first place to start with for creating web pages is HTML and CSS. Once you have a good grasp of these, then look at JavaScript/jQuery and/or server side programming.


Java and JavaScript are two different languages used for entirely different things. JavaScript runs on the browser after the page has been served (nowadays with node can also run in the server). Java is a language that can also be used for building websites (not so popular in this regard), and desktop applications.

CSS is a style sheet language which describes the appearance of your HTML.
JavaScript can be used to apply functionality to the HTML and even create the HTML.

The conventional good approach to website building used to be to serve a basic functioning website and enhance that functionality and usability with JavaScript, making a basic experience of your app not reliant on it. This approach will give you a more robust application. However this paradigm is shifting since now JavaScript has also become a server language. Nevertheless people like me decide to stick to their old server side technology (PHP for my case) and development paradigm, and there is nothing wrong with that. PHP is a very powerful language that is evolving really fast and I personally like to take advantage of the offerings and differences of both languages.

If you want to learn JavaScript properly I suggest jumping into the deep end and trying to stay away from libraries/frameworks like jQuery. For one thing they are not so useful as they used to be because the web has evolved really fast since these gained popularity. They also present too much abstraction and you will end up learning the library instead of the language itself. The most tricky thing about JavaScript is learning the inconsistencies in the event model and standarising them. For this you will need to create a small library of your own, this is because every browser deals with events in non-standard ways.

Hope this was helpful and best of luck!


Wow thank you alot, you realy help, got one more short question, if javaScript can be used to even create the html that means i don`t have to learn html i can jump to javascript directly? do i even need css and html ? if i learn javascript? It may be realy stupid question , sorry if . and thank you, I have started to read, Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS 3rd Ed. Book, still i wait for your answer, i might jump to javascript if you advice me to do so

No. That’s not how it works.
How would you know what html to make js make?

Yes, those are the very foundation of the web, the first things you should learn.
When you know that, then think about scripting.


thank you, so i`m on the right track with this book ? any other sugestions ? Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS 3rd Ed.

Yeah that sounds pretty good. Learning HTML is pretty easy. Learning CSS not that much, its main tricky thing is interdependency of rules between elements. Some rules in elements won’t work as expected unless other elements have specific rules set to them. And you don’t have to know it all about them before you start with JavaScript, but yes start getting a basic understanding of both of them first is the best approach.

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