Huh, what are all these little trophies?

Noticed any funny little trophy icons lately?

As you probably know, our members of the year and month get to wear a badge for a limited time underneath their names. I’m now working through our list of past winners of the Community Awards and Member of the Month Awards to add small trophies beneath their names, so that they have something a little more permanent to enjoy!

Bronze trophies are members of the month, silver trophies belong to winners of an annual Community Award, and gold trophies are for our past Members of the Year.

These will appear slowly over the next couple of days, so if you’re a previous winner of our awards and your profile doesn’t have a trophy on it, please sit tight for a little while longer!

I like!!

I just noticed that there was a small icon instead of the orange/blue pips when I posted something. I guess another one (bronze) will appear eventually.

Cool Idea :slight_smile: I like it :tup:

Nice, I did wonder about this. So I look forward to another one :smiley:

i just noticed those as well. nice.

Heh, I think it’s a nice idea. Something more permanent as you said, but nothing too big to show off like a badge. :slight_smile:

Andrew Cooper

They look very sophisticated, just right for their purpose!

Nice idea. :slight_smile: Simple and non-flashy, just right.

At the moment I miss the pips, but I’m sure I’ll get used to their absence.


And thanks for the (pink!) badge design, DT.

lol Raffles :stuck_out_tongue: you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Great idea :D!

Off Topic:

I love the red, it matches nicely with my mario avatar :). Great job on them, really

Now that’s a nice idea, like having something on the mantlepeice :slight_smile:

Nice, so all past winners from yesteryears getting these trophies? Or just from last year or so?

Cute! I was going to suggest a title tag to explain the trophy for those wonder what it meant, but you already thought of that. :slight_smile:

I think their a nice idea in preference to the pips, after you get to the post count ralph has managed they won’t evolve much anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

The little trophy’s give a little something “extra” to show you got awarded beyond just being a regular poster! Raena still has the member of the month’s to-do (there’s been a fair number so it’ll take a little time!) but they give some recognition to past winners so it’s a good move in my book :slight_smile:

I think Raena is working her way backwards through the years. So to answer more fully, yes I do believe all past winners will receive them. :cool:

Cool, so I’ll get 2 of them! :smiley: :tup:

There are SO MANY of you that yes, I’m still working through it :smiley:

Still going! pant, pant

Don’t rush for me. I’m happy with the one for the time being. Nice idea, and nice looking trophies. The perfect little “extra”. Thanks!