Member of the Month Awards

[FONT=“Georgia”]Goodmorning everybody.

So we’re trying something new.

I’m sure you know about our Member of the Month (MOTM) awards; We examine the activity and quality of posts throughout the month, pick out the members who stood out, interview them, and feature the deserving member around the start of the following month.

That’s theorhetically how it should work.

The reality is that Life always gets in the way.

Sitepoint staff, we’re mostly unpaid volunteers. And our winning members usually have very busy lives, jobs and families, tight schedules; And we’re not always able to run nominations, vote, conduct interviews, and make announcements in just a week. It’s proven fantastically difficult.

(Case in point.)

So we’re experimenting with the process, and we’ve decided to allow more time for these behind the scenes activities to take place. As of this year, the MOTM for January will be awarded on the 1st March and so on throughout the year.

This will allow the staff plenty of time to make sure that on the first week of every month a MOTM is announced, interview posted, and badge changed all on that day without fail. This will also allow the badge to be worn by the member for the whole month (as at present we are often running two weeks late).

So there you have it. Please look out for our next MOTM announcement in March 2010.

Thank you kindly!


:EL: MOTM badge :EL:

i think this is a good idea :tup: - is the acknowledgement period extended for accepting ur award?

Well that’s the idea mizwizzy, it gives us more time for the whole process so hopefully we won’t have any reasons for things to get backed up again (of course if you don’t respond for a month then there will be a few problems - but hopefully that won’t occur for future winners) :stuck_out_tongue:

:tup: yeah I wasnt sure i thought it was from a staff point of view with regard to the timing issue but as you say if its across the board then thats fantastic news for all us busy people :cheer: :spf:

Great idea! I always hated how late the interviews would take place but now it will be late, but on time (if that made sense)! :tup:

now all you gotta do, when the next MOTM is announced on march 1st, is call it the MOTM for march instead of MOTM for january

in a few months nobody will know the difference, and it won’t come across as being so late

The setup before meant that the MOTM for January wore the badge in February but was still listed as MOTM for January. Now they will wear the badge in March. By the time May comes along no one will remember whether they were MOTM for Jan, Feb, or Mar.

Why don’t you let go of this fuss? It is meaningless.

We think it’s really important to recognise people for going out of their way to help others on the forums - it’s nice to be ‘fussed’ over occassionally.

I am sure that most of the members here don’t agree with you :wink:
It is always nice and motivating to be recognized for what we do :slight_smile:

Look at that sexy badge!

Good idea… I am looking forward to your next annoucement.

Recognise people for their selfless contribution to the forum. I am for that. That is what the annual badges are all about.

But my point is that the member of the month of January being recognized in March is not helpful and probably not relevant for that month anyway. That only causes confusion. People will readily assume that the said recognision is for March only to be told that they are wrong. You see the confusion?

Other members have pointed this out too. So it won’t be missed if is is let go.

problem is easily solved by announcing the winner of the monthly award in march as the march member of the month, the winner of the monthly award in april as the april member of the month, and so on, even if the selection process begins two months earlier

How about just calling it recognition of the month? No specific month mentioned. Then staff can be more flexible.

How is recognising the MOTM from January for the whole of March any different from the old way of recognising them for part of February in terms of the relationship between the time they are being recognised for and the time they wear the recognition - apart from it giving those who make large contributions at the end of the month to be recognised instead of it being too late.

At no time has anyone ever had the MOTM badge during the month that they won it for.

Oh man I want a badge one of these days, it is going to be hard to compete with all these guru masters though hahah

You don’t have to be a guru to get MOTM :). Just be a good contributing user in the forums.

exactly - look at me - i’m the perfect example :rofl: :blush:

And I’m a good example too (never been MOTM) :).