Huge issue with accessing SP forums


Hello, all,

Ever since approx. 0900 local time on Thursday 11 OCT 2018, I’ve been unable to access SP forums from work. There appears to be some kind of issue with JS and a plugin that is being accessed via CDN ( that is preventing any code from being parsed in the browser (FF and IE). If you view the source, the code is all there, but the browser only shows a white blank.

I am now accessing it from home, but from work I cannot. I have reached out to both my work IT dept, and the team at Discourse to hopefully find a solution.

Has anyone else experienced something like this, or know someone who has?


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I haven’t. It would help if you post some information to see if anyone can reproduce this.

  • what device / OS ?
  • what browser ?
  • what plugins / extensions are installed in the browser ?
  • does the problem persist with those disabled / uninstalled ?
  • any error messages in the console ?


Hi, @Mittineague,

Sorry for the delay in reply. I don’t normally access SP forums from home.

For whatever reason, I can now access it from work. Haven’t heard anything, yet, from our network admins, so I cannot offer an explanation as to what happened. But I’m glad to be back. :slight_smile:


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I had access for about five minutes. Then it disappeared. And it has not been seen, since.

I keep forgetting I can access from home. BUT THAT IS NOT THE SAME.

I submitted a trouble ticket, and feel like a tennis ball - bouncing back and forth between network and HelpDesk. Sigh.

In any case… hope to see you all soon.


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In the two weeks time since you started this topic, the IT department hasn’t gotten back to you yet?


Which is typical, sadly.

But… I don’t know what happened, but I can now access SP forums from work.

Here’s the thing: NO ONE WILL ADMIT IT WAS THEIR FAULT. Everyone will pretend that they didn’t change anything, swear to that as a fact, but it’s fixed. This is typical behaviour, here.

Whatevs. It’s fixed. I’m back. :slight_smile: W00t, W00t!


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I spoke too soon. There have been intermittent periods of no access, but it appears for the most part that access is back. IDK. It’s crazy, working here.


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The 503 error seemed to be universal.


I didn’t see the 503 error. Must have happened during one of the aforementioned intermittent periods of no access. Hope everything is okay.


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