Sitepoint forums stopped working in IE again

A while back the Sitepoint forums stopped working in IE - the banner was appearing, there’s a lot of code if I “view source”, but nothing displayed. This was apparently a Discourse issue which they fixed after a while.

Anyway, it’s happened again, I can’t get in using IE. I just get a blank screen now, though I’m sure there was a banner across it when it first disappeared either on Friday or Saturday.

Is it another Discourse thing, and is there a way a Sitepoint admin can let them know it’s an issue?

Which version of IE are you using, @droopsnoot, and which OS? (That’s the first thing they’ll ask. wink)

For me, the problem occurs with IE11 and Windows 7. :winky:


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IE11 on Win 10

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I’m using WIn 10 and it works fine on Microsoft Edge.

I’m sure they will resolve the issue in IE mode. Drop them a mail support @ sitepoint .com.

Best of luck.

No need; I’ve already alerted SitePoint HQ. smile

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Sorry, I can’t believe I didn’t include proper information, given that I am quick to pick up others for not doing so.

It’s IE11 and Windows 7.


Must be time for coffee. coffee

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Apparently this is a known Discourse bug, and a fix for it has been issued. I’m pretty sure we need to upgrade to implement the fix. If I hear any more - e.g. timescale - I’ll post again.

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… and it’s back, I’m typing this in IE.

Only trouble now (which was happening before) is that sometimes I’ll type a reply and it will throw up the “saving” banner across the bottom, and never save the reply. I guess I’ll live with that, it may just be a comms thing and nothing to do with the browser.


I think that’s just a general glitch, rather than IE-specific. I’ve occasionally experienced similar things on Firefox. Let us know if problems like that become more frequent, so we can look into them.

I think you’re probably correct. As with most things of that nature, it generally only does it when (a) I’ve written quite a long post, and (b) I haven’t done a quick select-all-and-copy-to-clipboard just before pressing “submit”.

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I’m glad its back. Thank you for reporting the issue.

And I’ve just noticed the preview window has started working again, too. I haven’t seen that for a few months, and figured that was something IE users just had to do without.

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Not all good news. If I try to reference a user by prefixing their name with an at-sign, the reply box has locked up solid on me twice, and when I tried it again on Chrome, it didn’t. It’s not really conclusive, and I don’t do it all that often, but it does look like there might be an issue with that code.

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Thanks, @droopsnoot. I’ll pass that on.



Thanks. It’s always good to know it’s not just me.