Sitepoint forums stopped working in IE again

A while back the Sitepoint forums stopped working in IE - the banner was appearing, there’s a lot of code if I “view source”, but nothing displayed. This was apparently a Discourse issue which they fixed after a while.

Anyway, it’s happened again, I can’t get in using IE. I just get a blank screen now, though I’m sure there was a banner across it when it first disappeared either on Friday or Saturday.

Is it another Discourse thing, and is there a way a Sitepoint admin can let them know it’s an issue?

Which version of IE are you using, @droopsnoot, and which OS? (That’s the first thing they’ll ask. wink)

For me, the problem occurs with IE11 and Windows 7. :winky:


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IE11 on Win 10

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I’m using WIn 10 and it works fine on Microsoft Edge.

I’m sure they will resolve the issue in IE mode. Drop them a mail support @ sitepoint .com.

Best of luck.

No need; I’ve already alerted SitePoint HQ. smile

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Sorry, I can’t believe I didn’t include proper information, given that I am quick to pick up others for not doing so.

It’s IE11 and Windows 7.


Must be time for coffee. coffee

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Apparently this is a known Discourse bug, and a fix for it has been issued. I’m pretty sure we need to upgrade to implement the fix. If I hear any more - e.g. timescale - I’ll post again.

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… and it’s back, I’m typing this in IE.

Only trouble now (which was happening before) is that sometimes I’ll type a reply and it will throw up the “saving” banner across the bottom, and never save the reply. I guess I’ll live with that, it may just be a comms thing and nothing to do with the browser.


I think that’s just a general glitch, rather than IE-specific. I’ve occasionally experienced similar things on Firefox. Let us know if problems like that become more frequent, so we can look into them.

I think you’re probably correct. As with most things of that nature, it generally only does it when (a) I’ve written quite a long post, and (b) I haven’t done a quick select-all-and-copy-to-clipboard just before pressing “submit”.

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I’m glad its back. Thank you for reporting the issue.

And I’ve just noticed the preview window has started working again, too. I haven’t seen that for a few months, and figured that was something IE users just had to do without.

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Not all good news. If I try to reference a user by prefixing their name with an at-sign, the reply box has locked up solid on me twice, and when I tried it again on Chrome, it didn’t. It’s not really conclusive, and I don’t do it all that often, but it does look like there might be an issue with that code.

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Thanks, @droopsnoot. I’ll pass that on.



Thanks. It’s always good to know it’s not just me.

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I found out just now (after what must be about the tenth time of writing a long response and then hitting a certain at-sign key to mention someone, forgetting it would lock up) that if you leave it long enough (a minute or two), IE becomes responsive again and you can backspace over the symbol. Whatever kills it must be timing out.

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