Coming Soon: The SPF Pure HTML & CSS Competition!

[FONT=“Georgia”]Hello, everybody!

So here’s a teaser.

Coming up on February 1st, we’ll be starting our “SPF Pure HTML & CSS Competition!”

With no images, no Javascript, no anything-else allowed, this one will be a real challenge!

Stay tuned to this thread for more details as we reveal them :D[/FONT]


Show us your mettle guys; I want to see some cool (x)html and CSS entries by loads of competitors.

A little birdie (parrot) whispered in my ear and said this mystery competition will test ALL your markup, CSS skills and web-mastery to the limit and beyond!

I suppose I’ll give it a go.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Nice! :tup:


Looks interesting, depending on what’s required I might give it a crack.

Finally, a competition not related to PHP or Graphics. I’m game.

I thought you were leaving in December!

How will it be different from Paul’s quizes?

There will be prizes :slight_smile:

Depending on the content, interested :smiley:

It will be slightly different from Paul’s because it tests several “key areas” not just CSS so even if you are not a CSS Ace (or cannot design to save your life) you can still do well.

Plus you get to— Sorry, that would be giving too much away at the moment. :wink:

Sounds like fun, you can count me in :slight_smile:

If that mug’s the prize, I’m definitely in.

If not, I’m in anyway. :wink:

This should be interesting and I’m interesting in entering if I can find some time.

</subscribe> :smiley:

I’m surprised this thread isn’t in “Web Design” rather than specifically “HTML and XHTML”. Since CSS is also involved : )


Sounds like something I might have to try.

Depending on the time I have, I’ll give it a try aswel.
I’m currently rebuilding my house, takes loads of work :frowning:

I was too busy in december aswel for the photo competition, didn’t have time to set up a christmas tree :injured:

But it’s nice that these cool competitions exist around here :slight_smile:

waiting :slight_smile:

Ooooh, this does sound very interesting and exciting! I’ve been waiting for a competition like this to pop up for a while! I just hope I’m good enough to even attempt it! I already have the mug :wink: But if it is the prize then I’ll still get involved! :smiley:

Andrew Cooper