The SPF Pure HTML & CSS competition is now Officially Closed

Greetings everyone.

On behalf of our forum administrator HAWK, and the rest of SitePoint forum Staff, I personally (Robert Wellock) as your leading Competition Judge (JUDGEcoder) for this competition; drum-roll, please.

Would like to inform you all that: The SPF Pure HTML & CSS Competition! is now officially CLOSED!

That means if you haven’t submitted an entry by now it will unfortunately have to be refused.

We won’t accept any excuses for late entries or resubmissions. Such as your dog ate your entry or you wanted to submit from the library but couldn’t because you had to wait for a stop signal at a train crossing for too long. Sorry, nice try but it won’t work…

I’d like to thank everyone on behalf of my other fellow Judges that has submitted a competition entry. Anybody who has been following the competition threads will have noticed how efficiently we tried to deal with your concerns; any unforeseen obstacles or demanding questions that were thrown at us.

Since we have never run this kind of competition before it had a few teething problems but by the end everyone was happy. Many of the competitors also kept asking us questions via PM and personally I know from the people that asked to speak to me they were all pleasantly satisfied with my replies.

For a list of members who have successfully sent us submissions please visit the: The SPF Pure HTML & CSS Competition - Extended! thread we have around registered 30 entries.

If you’ve submitted, please make sure your name is on the list above, and if not contact us immediately. So we can find out if your e-mail got zapped and didn’t arrive at the correct INBOX destination.

We’ve had some superb entries from all levels of members and far more than some of the staff had expected from both new and old SPF members.

Therefore we believe it could take until the 20th of March before we publish the results because we want to make sure we thoroughly analyze each entry.

Alas, I hope those who have competed have fully enjoyed themselves and found the task as “challenging” and have had as much fun as we have.

With luck maybe in the future we’ll run an ‘new improved’ version of this competition.


Robert Wellock