html for backlinks

I was looking for the best codes that are accepted on all sites
To facilitate the process of uploading my website through backlinking
Can you help?

Welcome to the forums, @mustaqil323.

Your question is not very clear. If you are trying to insert links into your own site, then the <a> element is the way to do that.

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Do you want to execute code in every website you visit? Is this for your personal use or do you intend to make it available for others? Perhaps you want to develop a browser extension. It will need to have permissions to access all websites and the user has the option to allow or disallow the extension.

I think most website developers would interpret that as meaning you want to transfer files to your host, to make them available to the server. If that is not what you mean then you need to clarify.

I think that is the most confusing part of what you are saying. As best as I understand what you are saying, you want to transfer the files for your website to every other website (the host) that links to your site.

My intent is not to criticize, I am just trying to explain what my understanding is so that it can help you understand why we are confused.

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