Back link query correct code?

Hi i am new to seo and still studying on it at the moment,
I am new to this and never done a back link so far,
I own a new e commerce site and need to send some people some code,
The back link code that is so they can back link to me,
Some one told me this line of code could work,
<a href=" ></a>
Would this be true or not,
Would i use this code instead
Hope someone can clean up black link and back link query and the difference,
As well as all the different codes out there to use and which are best,
Saw yahoo has its special back link code vs google as well,
Which should i use to if i need to send the code to someone to link to me,
Or if i need to back link off a blog or forum as well,

Which is exactly what the OP suggested. And not only is it unhelpful, it is wrong. You need a closing " after the URL - if someone pastes that into their page, not only will your link not work properly but it could seriously break their entire page.

If anyone needs you to give them the HTML code to insert a backlink into their site then the odds are that their site will be a pile of :x and getting a link from them won’t be worth the effort.

And if you are encouraging people to give you back links, it’s best to ask them to use meaningful link text. If they just give the URL and make it clickable, that tells search engines nothing at all about your site.

I am confuse what link or code you want to ask/

If you want to backlink with other website. Simply give the below snippet.

<a href=" ></a>

If you like to know about your backlink status. Use


If you saw a link like that on a website would you click on it? I doubt it. It looks spammy.

Surely you have more pages than just your homepage? If so, then you simply get back-links to those pages with the relevant anchor text (the bit that goes in the middle of the link tag thingy). E.g.:

<a href=">Widgets</a>
<a href=">Blue Widgets</a>
<a href=">Green Widgets</a>
<a href=">Small Green Widgets</a>


Maybe something like this,
<a href=“”>Shower Faucet Kitchen Bathtub Faucets</a>
If i have more than just faucets for sale what should i do?
I will be adding wedding dresses soon,
How long is should the average tag read,
Does any one make any tutorials on this stuff or books i can go more in depth,

so i need the code like this?
<a href=“” ></a>
With the " before http and " after .com is correct?
I will only back link with others who sale products like mine,
Have been told only to do this or related to your site,
How would i add descriptive words in my back link?
So the search engine could pick on them?

Yes, except that I would prefer to have the link as something like
<a href=“”>Create your own online universe</a>
That way your link is displayed with meaningful text so people know what to expect when they click on it, and search engines know what is at the other end of the link.