Forms within website not working


A bit of info:
I have designed this website:

Please see the following links:

, the client requested me to add “links” to these pages:
and another link.

All I need to know if its possible to add these links to the site, as the client seems to think I can use it. As you see the forms dont even work.

Thank you for any advice, as you can see im not a php developer, only learning.

This sounds more like a html issue to me.

All I need to know - is it possible to embedd the link?
I was told that it uses a combo of cgi, jquery php swql - whatever those are…

Can or cant I embed the link in the website?

Yes you can embed a link on any website as long as you have access to the source code files but how you do it isn’t a php language issue its a html issue so you’re in the wrong forum :wink:

Unless the point of his post was to link drop?


Thread moved from PHP to HTML forum where it belonged

Yes you can embed easily its not very difficult you can embed it if you have the access to the source code.