Html, body background image

Hi all.

Im trying to get my site working and have applied a bg image to both the body and the html tag - this seems to be fine in all browsers but IE - is there a work around for IE? why would it not work, is it not legal?

thanks all


Cracked it by chance!

Nothing at all to do with what i thought!

For anyone who might find this the problem was a simple as not having a space after my bracket.


background:url(‘/images/headerbg.png’)no-repeat center top; needed a space after the )

Yes that’s known bug in IE and documented at the end of the reference here. :slight_smile:

Be careful with applying images to both html and body as that effectively shrinks the body’s background height because it doesn’t get propagated to the html element as per usual. If you are doing a centred layout then see Mine and Tommy’s comments in this article.

However if none of the above is relevant then you should be ok :slight_smile: