Page Background not showing up in IE

Hi All,

This should be a quick easy fix. Website that I just launched the page background shows up great in Firefox but does not show up at all in IE. I have checked using firebug but cant seem to see what is going on.

Hi, the problem is is that you need a space between ) and no-repeat here otherwise all of IE will ignore the rule

background:#35AADF url(../images/mid_bg.jpg[B])no[/B]-repeat;

Hi capple…

I think your problem might be really simple silly:

body {
	margin: 0px auto;
	font: 62.5% "Trebuchet MS", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; 
	background:#35AADF url(../images/mid_bg.jpg)no-repeat;

I know of a weird IE bug: if there’s no space between your background image declarations, then IE sometimes misses stuff.

Specifically, I saw IE not working when someone had this:
background:#fff url(foo.jpg)left center no-repeat;

the lack of the space between ) and “left” was the only problem.

See if it helps to add a space in there. It will be cool if that works.

*edit Ryan totally ninja’d me… lawlz!

As I figured, something silly

You’re welcome :).