How would i make a script like this?

Would a script like this be easy or hard to make? or can someone code and make for me?:nono:

these are some images:

It’s easy if you are a intermediate/expert level programmer.

If you want someone to make it for you, place it in the Marketplace ::

i am a bigginer lol and okay i will post it there

marketplace not lettin me login

Marketplace is to hire someone to do it for you. You would need to pay. If you can’t afford it, then look up some tutorials on how to do a particular things (ie. how to send information to a database in PHP).

Once you have the concept you can write the application you need to your likings.

i can afford it but i would rather learn myself lol thnx and if anyone could post some tutorials that refer to what i am trying to do then would be very appriciated