How will i Make my site faster?

Hello friends,
I have runing a site, i am using JavaScript slideshow with huge images, it’s take near 9 second to be load, what i will do so it will load quickly without removing images.

Ok you may right
but i have gotten green icon by w3, u can check ?

Why would you need to ask us if it passes the W3C Markup Validator as obviously it does at the moment as I just checked, as was asked?

Although it is a little dangerous using a huge JPG image with text on regarding web accessibility the alternative text “Homestay in India” could have been supported with a title attribute.

Personally I have JavaScript disabled most of the time to increase loading times and keep my bandwidth cost down.

Well, the preeti is in more of a pickle: spend the time learning all the good HTML techniques (will take a long time) or pay someone to do it? And then how does preeti know if the quality of the paid-for website is any good?

Ok, looking at the page you have tables for layout, images WAY too large to even be putting on a website in the first place (there’s a reason you almost NEVER see sites with images like that!)… Not to be mean, but I’m going to be brutally honest with you — this is a disaster.

The biggest problem though is the illegibly small text built into those images – that’s not how you build a website – EVER. Zero SEO, zero accessibility, and makes the site ridiculously huge. Text in a image doesn’t show up for most users and, well…

Add to that the CSS inlined the markup, markup that makes you ask why does it have CSS in the first place? Javascript slideshow that makes the page annoying to even try to read on top of the illegible text size and color choices…

Really sad is that even if one was a coder who practices tables for layout there’s NO reason for it to have any tables and it has SIX!

My advice is throw that all away and start over with MODERN coding techniques. The page is built like it was 1995.

Might I ask what WYSIWYG you used to make that? I’m assuming some drag and drop editor was involved as no human being would actually write code like that or design a site that way… unless we went back in time to over a decade ago, and even then.

website speed depends on so may issues.

  1. web hosting provider
  2. server speed
  3. designing part
  4. css
    5)programing part.

the website speed in maximum .02 sec. if you are website is running very very slow,
your website not optimized with google.
Plese check your css and database structure to improve the website speed.

Exactly. If you run your html past the free “tidy” program you will find on the web it will make that code valid. But if your code is bad that just means your invalid bad code will now be just bad code.

Validation is easy and essentially free, taking very little time and trouble. It should always be the FIRST thing to do for any problem.

It is like the foundation of a house. If you have a lousy foundation the whole house is going to be bad, period.

But having a good foundation doesn’t help much if you then go and build a bad house on top of it.

Thanks , your information is very precious to me and i will concentrate on my coading. thank you very much

The W3C Validator is NOT a guarantee of code quality, we aren’t in some Sci-Fi terminator movie, this is the real world. All the validator can do is check that the syntax is well formed (as in laid out correctly), it cannot and does not tell you if you’re using the right element for the right job or if you’re using the right Doctype (any site using Transitional is using outdated code - strict all the way). Your code may look fine to the browser and the validator, but that’s set against ancient technology that’s just left in place for elderly websites that haven’t been maintained or upgraded in eons. Essentially it’s like building a skyscraper using mud and twigs. :slight_smile:

Then if you can put the js at the end of the html.

Get rid of the “huge” part of the images. Use a serious image manipulation program suite such as Imagemagick to scale the images to an appropriate size to fit the html page. I recommend Imagemagick because it scales images with noticeably greater fidelity than Photoshop, e.g.

After scaling, use the -quality attribute to compress the image. Range is from 1 (highest compression; lowest quality) to 100 (no compression; highest quality). Default values are 92 for jpeg/mpeg, and 75 for png. Determine for yourself the value(s) that give(s) you the maximum compression while maintaining the desired fidelity; in other words, experiment. :slight_smile:



Can we… oh I don’t know… SEE the page in question? Anything we say without actually seeing it is nothing more than a wild guess.

What’s your code to content ratio? How well optimized are the image files? Is the javascript lean and mean or some bloated jquery/prototype/yui/mootools garbage that takes more time loading scripting than it does the images?

Your question without the site you are asking about just begs more questions.

Though you might want to axe the stupid javascript slideshow nonsense, set up a thumbnail gallery and use flat links and pretend the scripted “gee ain’t it neat” bull doesn’t even exist. It’s that type of nonsense that flushes perfectly good websites down the crapper in the first place. One step removed from auto-playing midi music, flash navigation and splash pages.

But remember, I’m the guy who rabidly HATES lightbox.


May be your problem is your web hosting provider and your server speed. :slight_smile:

The green icon is nice but it can’t test if your code is GOOD. It can only test if your code is LEGAL and didn’t make any spelling mistakes.

I’m with Deathshadow on this:

Awful code: Table based madness, CSS inline, deprecated element use, obtrusive scripts.
Heavy images: Way too big, not optimized in the slightest, pop-ups, illegible text in images.

Summary: One of the worst built sites I’ve seen in recent years, reminds me of something from 1992.

Way forward? Dump what you have, build a fresh one using proper code. No-one will ever think of that current layout as a “professional” business. :frowning:

I am using jpg image, image dimension is 972*554 and its size is near 185 KB, i use 7 image on my slideshow all are the same size and same dimension

Ok my site name is pridehomestay dot com

I have to agree with deathshadow60 about giving suggestions without actually seeing the site . I wouldn’t go as far to say that you should axe the JS completely, but there are a few questions I would like to ask you. You say

i am using JavaScript slideshow with huge images
I try to imagine what you mean with huge. Another question that comes to mind is in what format are the images? (png, jpg, gif) and how many images are we talking about?