How to start word press blog with Magento Store

Hi everyone,

How to start or install wordpres for your blog if you are running a online store or shop on Magento. ?

One way would be to just install WordPress in a sub-directory of your site. It does not need to be connected to your Magento Store in any way.

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Thanks for quick ans WebMachine, but is there any way to find extension that integrates My WordPress blog with Magento Store?

Have you done a search of WordPress plugins. I didn’t check this one out, but a quick search gave me

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Again Thanks ! Yes I have searched but could not found the useful, let’s try it out.

Hi finegadgetsuk

If your website is e_commerce then it is best choice to integrating the wordpress and magento .there are lot of advantages like increase the navigation between this two platforms ,wordpress will allow your product to promote on platforms while while magento will manage that product.

Now for integrating the magento and wordpress , first of all you need to add any magento blogs in wordpress , then you need to create the admin area ,after that it say that you create your self in wordpress theme. After that using plugins wodpress and magento can run on same server but with a different domain name.

it’s a great solution for elegantly hosting click-to-cart Magento product lines on WordPress.

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Hi Methew,
Very thanks for such a great solution for integrating wordpress blog in magento store.
“add any magento blogs in wordpress” ?
But I don’t run any Magento Blog, I am managing online store which is build on Magento Theme.

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