How to start SEO Business

Okay. Let’s say someone is not the best at designing websites. The creatives. But, they are very good at understanding on-page and off-page optimization. i.e.: they get keywords ranked on pg 1 and they stay there. So, a great skill
but just does not have the knack for the graphics or enough code knowledge to tweak a WP site to give it that perfect layout or look. Know what I mean?

This person would like to start an SEO business. Come up with a nice site. Put your info and packages on it and they will come right? Well I guess if you are good at SEO they should come. Anyway, what about going around to local business people and stores, contractors, etc… many of them may not have a clue what you are talking about. More than happy to spend $5K for a nice site but can’t wrap their heads around a monthly fee for seo services or a “package”.
One man shop. No time to sit around trying to convince someone they need this service.

What would you do? How would you start your SEO business with your local community? Hold free workshops at libraries or coffee shops? Website owers can come and pick your brains and eventually you meet some people who have confidence in you and pay you for services? Drop off fliers at local stores and shops and contractor offices?

What would you do to get your 1st SEO customer. You just got dropped off an airplane (you jumped out) with your laptop and knowledge of SEO into the middle of a town you’ve never been in before. No customers. No testimonials. Just your own sites. You are your own customer. You don’t know anyone in this town. What would you do to get 10 paying monthly customers for your brand new SEO business?

Let’s have fun with this one. Never know - this may help some unemployed people start a new career and begin providing for their families again.

There are solutions for everyone…Congratulations !