Does my website need SEO service?

My website is deal with ecommerce order fulfillment, similar to shipwire, which worked for two months. Could you say it’s a newly launched site?
I’m not satisfied with the operation of the website recently, advertised on Google bring no clear results, should I need to do some effort in SEO?

if you want urgent result you can go for search engine marketing otherwise seo is best but you should have patience.

Thank you! SEO is necessary, and search engine marketing give my site more show to customer.

Yes, you should use the SEO to attract more traffic from the search engines,. The other type of marketing you can use as the additional one - adwords, and social networks. I hqad experiene in working in this field, so it will take you minimum 3 month to start attract traffic frim Google.

Have you tried any SEO methods for the site yourself already? If so, what methods have you tried?
Two months is early days, it can take time to get noticed, depending on how competitive your market is.

Stay away from seo-guru’s or anything that can promise you 1st in x-weeks.

The only thing your interested in is ROI and generating more leads/sales.

You want to find a marketing team and look into ways of generating more business not only by increase of traffic but traffic that fits your demographic profile.

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If you’re new to SEO, then Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” is a good place to start.

Google also has some guidelines to help you decide whether or not you need to hire somebody to help you with SEO:


Thank you for your advice, I’ll try the SEO method to increase traffic.

Stay away from seo?

Thank you very much. It’s very useful to me. :grinning:

If you want your website to be more visible then you really need SEO, the fact that it is somehow new only means that you need still build brand awareness so that your target market can easily find it. Good luck! :grin:

I’m not sure where to start optimize my website. I am a novice, just started to read some books about this knowledge from yestoday. :grin:

Did you read the Google starter guide I linked to in post #7? It will walk you through all the basics - and not give you bad advice or teach you bad habits.

No, just the ‘ninjas’ that think they know everything because they read the Dummies guide to google and post of facebook.

As TechnoBear and others have noted, an introduction to SEO is the most important first step to help you understand how it works. This will help you discern between SEO providers and if in fact you actually need one as it’s very easy to be sold dubious SEO services.

If you have time to do it consistently and with quality, the most effective and long term results come from organic SEO, not google adwords or paid advertising. The returns are far better, last longer and get better traffic with long tail keywords. The best SEO is natural, genuine - includes lots of good quality content addition to the site regularly and high quality backlinks to your URL which are genuine. Anything that tries to “Game the system” will eventually be de-ranked by future Google algorithms which get smarter with every update and are looking for quality websites.


you should do proper SEO and also use regularly Google Analitic tools for obgerving what is the condition in your site. Then u find out what should you do another step.

Thank you for your advice. SEO needs gradual accumulating, but in the long run, it’s better than google adwords or paid advertising.

Yes, I think, you may also need it in increasing your target market especially that it is only a newly established business or you could try advertising it on your own thru other social media platforms that you know if you are a budget-savvy.

If you have an online business and looking to expand your web presence then definitely, you need SEO service. Strong search engine position is important if you need sales and SEO is an ongoing process which maintain your position among different search engine.

For every business marketing is Important and SEO is Online Marketing which is free. And your website need SEO service. But with humble request don’t do with half knowledge or zero. You may get penalized if you go against google guidelines. Better have any expert guidance or hire any Digital Marketing Specialist who can share your task.