Domain Flipping

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to go about domain flipping or know any useful articles on domain flipping i have also keen on to found
out for domain flipping what would be the best way to generate content automatically for the website.

But i have been told u would need to do alot of hard-work in getting a website and domain value up before you can sell it any
ideas? or are domain and website flipping the same i thought having a domain name and sell it without a website would be less?

Would anyone agree with me?


The basic value behind a website is the amount of revenue it earns per month/year. Yes, value does exist in traffic value and quality, but if you had that to begin with you could easily monetize it successfully. At the end of the day most people will only pay the big bucks with existing revenue.

What if i buy domain only no traffic

how can i generate money from content any content generators that anyone can recommend?


you can park your domains in parking company like DomainSpa, the system will build you site and put in it feed for Ads, then you can get traffic and make money from it

Parking domains can kill a domain since the latest Google changes btw. I recommend choosing domain names that will be looked at by small to large business for commercial use, you can resell later as aged/established domains. Usually its better to add 10-12 pages of content that are keyword targeted, do some minor SEO and then post the domain for sale all over the web, its “aged” and “keyword optimized”, giving a lot of companies a quicker and easier start to reach organic traffic and SERP rankings.

It is really the web page content that has the value as far as search engines are concerned. The domain name will only have value if real people remember it and type it in rather than going through search.

Go for estibot’s premium account to sell your domain names. It is the best way for beginners to sell their domain names. Read articles of Morgan Linton and NameNewBie. These both can be found through google. Go for it, You will have complete knowledge about domain flipping.
Also goto for some reading on selling and buying domain names.

Hi all, First post :slight_smile: I just got into domain flipping but havent sold any yet… and all this talk abnout domain parking led me to registering Now i dont know what to do with it, it sounds like a cool domain name but i dont know how much it will be worth now or after it has aged a bit. And how to monetize it?

Any tips?

Domain flipping isn’t as big of a market as most people think it is. Surely you can make a small profit but finding a buyer or even seller of a domain is hard. Not worth the time.

I agree, it makes a small profit. My parked domains made several clicks in a month. But not as big when it is a fully developed site.

I agree , instead of doing domain flipping you can create a site on that domain and monetize it. It’s worth the try

Look at to sell your domain name and to sell your website.

To be honest, I believe you selling your domain name without a website will give you more value in terms of ROI. If you invest time, resources, web hosting, etc. to design a website, then you have to promote the website. Because no one purchases a website that has no traffic.

It could be months before you sold your domain with a website. Whereas if you have a good domain name, it may sell quickly and you are not making any additional investment.

Parking the domain with ads is definitely the more profitable option.
You can easily make $100 a month instead of selling the domain outright.

I’ve used to list domain names. It’s easy to list domain names and even fully developed sites. The difficult thing is getting the buyers to pay once you receive an offer. While your site is listed and until it’s sold you can make money from parking it, but it’s difficult to make a decent profit doing this.

you need excellent domain name in order to flip or resell, there are plenty of markets and buyers for the right name for correct value.

Certainly establishing the domain and selling will give you more returns.

Domain parking is a thing of the past… There are forums to buy and sell but my best advice as a domain investor would be Find an interest that you are familiar with ,Develop and monetize with adsense or Sales venue .
I have sold quite a few on auction , godaddy, sedo, bido etc. but I have stopped registering and buying domains and have my mind set on developing my best Names.
If you are still bent on flipping Pay large for premium 3 letter .com or .net at the moment they are really selling . It is better to do your homework and buy 1 very good .com ,Rather than 100 so-so domains.