How to Speed up Mozilla Firefox Browser?

I am very tired to use Mozilla Firefox Browser, Because day by day it is slow and slower, Please give me some suggestion For How to Speed up Mozilla Firefox Browser?

foward use chrome. i think it’s interested

when the cache is full, you need to clear your cache

Delete the unused plugins or unistall it and reinstall it back as new

I’ve been giving this extenstion ( a go for the last day or so, apart from the odd glitch with site layouts not loading correctly it seems to be making FF faster. What promted me to look for something like it was I left FF open with a few sites and left the computer. Come back to the computer to find that it had rebooted so was probably a memory leak (suspect javascript) which had caused windows to crash.

Firefox is the slowest of the popular browsers - switching to Internet Explorer will give you a slight speed increase. Swithching to Chrome or Opera will give you a much bigger speed increase.

I’m afraid that I don’t fully agree with this but I’m not going to start a war here. I personally haven’t seen IE being faster than FF, at least in any of my computers.

How fast is a browser should depends on its enigne but I’m afraid that plug-ins and add-ons may slow it down, depending on what the plug-ín does and how much memory it takes. So deactivating/uninstalling the plug-íns that you don’t use will increase its performace.

Also, you may want to tweek the configuration. To do so, write “about:config” in the address bar and then hit enter.

For each entry, you can find information here

or something a bit more direct

Some other tips, different tricks can be found here

Or you can find other browsers based on FF which are lighter and, therefore, faster, such as swiftfox.

And, of course, you can also try to use some other completely different browser as suggested, like Opera or Chrome

Better to use Google chrome don’t go for Mozilla

Why is it better? Each browser has its own features, and it depends on the individual which one they prefer. I prefer Firefox, because it allows me to zoom just the text, rather than the whole page. That doesn’t mean it’s better, just that it suits my needs.

My comment was based on speed tests that I performed in comparing different versions of JavaScript code to do the same thing. Whenever I worked out the variant that produced the fastest result in Opera, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer , Firefox produced the slowest time. In some cases Firefox would produce a slightly faster time with a different variant of the code that was slightly slower in some of the other browsers and generally a lot slower in one of the others. With poorly written JavaScript IE was usually the slowest browser - with properly written JavaScript Firefox is almost always the slowest. I suppose since there’s so much junk code out there masquerading as JavaScript that the speed increase that you ought to be able to get by switching from Firefox to IE probably isn’t going to happen for most pages.

I haven’t actually speed tested other parts of the browser other than running specific scripts so there could be other parts of the browser that run faster than other browsers. One other disadvantage Firefox has is that you need to install extensions to add many of the features built into the other browsers (eg. Firefox is the only browser without a built in JavaScript debugger) and while a built in option you don’t use will make the browser slightly slower to load in the first place, having to install extensions to add the options you do need will make the browser slower whenever that extension gets used. Install enough extensions into Firefox and you could probably slow it to the point of complete unusability.

One thing is that you should clear your cookies and cache file within some hour of working. It might be work!

Not that I have anything against Mozilla but they are slow. And I mean very slow.

Hi jonasmarsh621, this is very simple that if you are opening multiple websites at time or any java script code running then Mozilla show slow at this time. I think so that I have faced. But in my experience Mozilla is very fast for doing safely Internet browsing.

Please Remove or backup the Bookmarks. Remove the history and update the new version of firefox. It helps more faster your firefox browsing. Cheers!!!


I don’t like firefox, although I’m still using it frequently, because it costs too much memory. However, I didn’t find it obviously slower than IE or chrome. Just think the different is very small in our experience.

I’m using firefox and it works well, but i never thought about removing these things you said to make it much more faster, i’ll try it.

Firefox isn’t nearly as slow as it used to be, and usually people moan about it being slow when they’ve got a full history, tons of bookmarks and/or a ton of extensions. So the first thing I would recommend is having a clean install.

Last time I checked Firefox was as fast as Chrome. It’s still a bit sluggish compared to Chrome when it comes to JavaScript, but JS is still slow on both.

Clear Cache… then you will be able to browse and also if you open many tabs then it will be stuck

I am also using Mozilla fire fox can try the most updated version which can be worded.wish you a good luck.

clean cache and tweak some adobe flash player setting - 90% of lag comes from that plugin.