Sms sender to mysql users

Dear guys,

Please want to see some ideas of how to send an sms message usin PHP and mysql DB using foreach to multiple rows/users UNDERSTANDING THAT NEEDS AN SMS GATEWAY LIKE SUCH CODE BELOW I MADE IS WORKING BUT NEED TO USE IT TO SEND FOR MULTIPLE USERS USING FOREACH OR ANY CLAUSE… THANKS

$contents = @file_get_contents($url.“?”.$y);
print $contents;

Thanks for the reply but mine too is working, the matter here is want to send to multiple rows with a single message,

[QUOTE][/QUOTE]Hope you have some ideas

Duplicate thread. I suggest this one is locked.

Duplicate thread. I suggest this one is locked.

sorry i didn’t understood

I’m suggesting that a moderator locks THIS thread because you’re asking the same question in your OTHER thread (linked). :wink:

thanks siteguru for your replies, What do you suggest for me to do because i am new also in posting in forums so i cannot understand the meaning of it’s locking means by i have to delete one of them, with thanks

Hi hoverinc,
In simple words, a moderator/administrator will lock this thread, so no body can post any reply here. because its a duplicate thread.
Now you can see a button with ‘post reply’, after locking it will be some thing like ‘Locked thread’, so no body will be able to post here, but they still can post replies to your other thread.

Hope, its clear.

Thanks mmarif4u for the infos. that’s clear so i will remove the other thread regarding this topic means, feed me please if i am not right in this post(reply)

Okay, since this thread is a duplicate of, I’m closing this one (meaning no one can reply to it anymore) and suggest you all take the discussion to the other thread :slight_smile: