How to sell an old clickbank account thats making good money?

I have an old affiliate clickbank account thats making about 350.00/month on average.

Its not connected to a website. The sales are coming from residual referrals from an affiliate program I used to promote years ago.

The money just keeps coming in every month like clockwork and has been for years now (with no work on my part).

Can I sell this account the same way I would a website? How would I do it? I cant list it on flippa because there is no site to sell!

I have videos showing me logging in my account and proof of income. But where do I post it??

Just curious, why do you wanna sell something that is making you money every month? Also I am not sure that I fully understand how this is working. If there is nothing for someone to click on then select purchase how are you still making money? Also how would you transfer the name, assuming that it is in your name? <snip/>