Where can i sell my website and Adsense account

hello friends. Please any one tell me the good place to sell my website and Adsense account. I am form India


[FONT=verdana]Google does not allow you to buy or sell AdSense accounts. The following is from the AdSense terms and conditions:

You may not resell, assign, or transfer any of Your rights hereunder. Any such attempt may result in termination of this Agreement, without liability to Google. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Google may assign this Agreement to any affiliate at any time without notice. The relationship between Google and You is not one of a legal partnership relationship, but is one of independent contractors.

On the other hand, you are completely free to sell your website (provided it is entirely your own property, of course). There are many sites that act as an intermediary between buyer and seller. One of the best known is Flippa.

If you sell a site that already hosts AdSense ads, the new owner will have to either delete the ads or assign them to his own account (or he could leave them as they are, but he would get no revenue from them).



which site u have?can u tell me so i can think about to buy,and i want to buy ur adesnse acnt also,<snip>:cool:


Did you read Mikl’s post? He clearly explains that you cannot buy and sell AdSense accounts.

Also, the forums here are for discussion, not for trading. All buying and selling should be done in the SitePoint Market, or a site such as Flippa for websites. [/FONT]

several forums have marketplace or sell site and services section you could sell them there. not sure but you can also try selling your site in scripts and online services section.


Of this forum? Sorry, no. See my post above.[/FONT]

You can’t sell your Adsense accoun. But You can sell your website. The better way to sell your website join community promote your view in social network site. Join forum site.

This not about selling websites.

I’m afraid that there’s no way around it… you can’t sell your Adsense account (at least, not legally).

[FONT=verdana]We surely all agree by now that you can’t sell an AdSense account (or give it away, for that matter).

However, if the account is owned by a company, as opposed to an individual, and if you sell the company, then it would seem reasonable to assume that the new owners of the business would also own the account. The account itself hasn’t changed hands. But the company that owns it has. In this respect, the account is no different from any other business asset.

This situation doesn’t seem to be explicitly covered in Google’s terms and conditions. On the other hand, there’s no reason that it should be. As far as Google is concerned, there is no contractual change. I can’t see how Google can legally or contractually interfere with that.

Just to be clear: when I say a company, I mean an incorporated entity - a limited company, a corporation, whatever you like to call it - a separate entity from the individual who owns it.


To sell your site check out flippa.com

you may flaged on the famous sote for the sale of your site it is so eassy way to sale

He doesn’t want to sell his site :wink:

i think so that he want to sell his site and also adsen account…

can you explain waht he want to do…


The original poster wrote:

Please any one tell me the good place to sell my website and Adsense account.

(Emphasis added by me.)

Howeve, since he has never come to acknowledge the replies, I wonder if it is worth continuing this discussion.



I have to say that I stand corrected and I do apolgize for the mistake. He does want to sell the website AND the adsense account (or wanted to do so…).

There’s no point, in my humble opinion for two reasons: a) it seems that we’re repeating ourselves b) the original poster has not shown up.

That’s why I’m closing this thread.